Recipes and Stories from
Fattoria Poggio Alloro Sarah Fioroni

Translated by Natalie Danford

In A Family Farm in Tuscany, Sarah Fioroni, chef, cooking instructor, sommelier, and manager of her family’s organic farm near historic San Gimignano, shares stories of family tradi ons and daily life at Fattoria Poggio Alloro. Afer moving to the farm in 1955 to work as sharecroppers, the Fioronis later purchased the farm through their hard work and dedica on to the land. They transformed the property into a model of integrated, sustainable agriculture that has been visited by government officials from all over the world and featured in numerous publications, including Organic Gardening magazine.

Three generations of Fioronis continue to work the land using age-old practices, growing a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and cereal crops, such as wheat for pasta, olives for extra-virgin olive oil, and grapes for their award-winning wines. They also keep bees, produce saffron, and raise chickens, Chianina cattle, the prized traditional Tuscan breed, and pigs, the basis of homemade prosciuttos and salamis.

In addition to her engaging anecdotes that reveal how life at Poggio Alloro changes from fifty month to month, Sarah shares more than tradional Tuscan recipes that are prepared daily in the kitchen using the farm’s seasonal ingredients—from hearty winter dishes to salads and risottos featuring garden vegetables to holiday breads and desserts.

The farm is also a popular agriturismo destination, giving visitors an opportunity to stay overnight, partecipate in various farming activities, and revel in the tastes of freshly prepared food and ar sanal farm products, all in a relaxing, scenic environment that is captured by the book’s hundreds of color photographs.

Open the pages of this book and visit Poggio Alloro from your favorite chair, then prepare the recipes and experience the taste of Tuscany in your own home