Anna Spumante

A numbered limited edition

Anna Spumante it is dedicated to the first member of the Fioroni 5th generation at Fattoria Poggio Alloro, Anna Fioroni: the sweet, little baby girl, daughter of our wine maker Marco Fioroni that inspired him to create a fresh, sophisticated, young sparkling Rosé from Pinot Noir.

Natural string are tied artisanally by the hands of Amico Fioroni, one of the owners of Fattoria Poggio Alloro, 86 years old, who took the time to tie each bottle with love and passion.

Back labels are numbered by hands and the front label design is an idea of Sarah Fioroni in collaboration with the two amazing Florentine woman artists: Lisa Brancatisano and Betty Soldi.

Production area

San Gimignano

Grape harvested from one of our vineyards of about 3 acres - The vineyard is 7 years old

Grape blend

100% Pinot Noir


The harvested grapes are pressed and left to macerate for a few hours. Later a soft pressing to obtain a rosé must juice.

The wine is Natural fermented for 15 days, without added yeasts, in a steel tank.

At the end of fermentation when the sugars reach 12 g / l the wine will be bottled continuing the fermentation in the bottle.


Ancestral is the fermentation method to produce sparkling wines, used by our ancestors, when Nature dictated the timing of wine, before the arrival of modern technologies.

Alcoholic content

12,50 %

Bottle production

170 bottles


Light blush pink color with rose gold hues


Fruity and floral sensation of rose


The rose strands out, a light creamy note in the mouth you immediately feel a distinct flavor that makes a lasting impression.

The final gift is a slight hint of bread crust

Drink with

Sea food plates, appetizers, cheeses

Serve at

8-10° C