Spumante Brut

Metodo Classico

Production area

San Gimignano

Grape blend

10% Vernaccia, 20% Chardonnay, 70% Pinot Nero. The grapes come from the vineyards called “Il Nicchaio”, “Poggio del Castagno” and “Vigna Sarah”


The grapes are picked in late August. Then are softly pressed with a white vinification and in April after the cuvee creation, there is the second fermentation. Then the Spumante rests from 24 to 36 months with the yeast in the bottle. During this period bottles are placed on special racks at a 45º angle, and every few days the bottles are turned with a small shake to move the spent yeast cells and sediment down toward the neck of the bottle. After disgorgement, we add the liqueur d’expedition which is a secret recipe and we finally bottle the Spumante.

Alcoholic content


Bottle production



Intense straw yellow with golden highlights


Aromas of Tuscan bread crust, yeast and crisp apple


Dry and creamy feeling and pleasantly sparkling

Drink with

During the whole meal, especially with fish and sea food plates

Serve at

4-6° C.